London - Museums

The British Museum has outstanding collections that cover world cultures from Prehistory to the present day. Visit their website for information about the galleries, collections, special exhibitions and events. View the collections and take online tours.

How about a trip to the British Library. Use this site to search their catalogues, order items for research, view exhibitions and link to information resources worldwide. The Library conserves knowledge for future generations. It is the UK's leading research library.

The Imperial War Museum, the multi-branch national museum of war and wartime life from 1914

The Natural History Museum is the UK's national museum of natural history, and a centre of scientific excellence in taxonomy and biodiversity. The Museum's mission is to maintain and develop its collections and use them to promote the discovery, understanding, responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world.

The National Gallery, London, houses one of the greatest collections of European painting in the world. These pictures belong to the public and entrance to see them is free.

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