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The Kensington Guest House is great value for money and perfectly located for you to make the most of your visit to London.

Different Room Type Number of beds Room Description Cost
1 Twin Room 2 single beds Including ensuite £80 per night
2 Triple (Family) Room 1 double and 1 single bed Including ensuite £90 per night
3 Double Room 1 double bed Share bathroom outside room £75 per night
4 Twin Room 2 single beds Own toilet but share bathroom £70 per night
5 Standard Twin Room 2 single beds Own toilet but share bathroom £70 per night

Room Gallery

Twin Room:

Twin Room

Family with children will be provided with a welcome pack containing sweets, kids story books and a surprise gift

Triple Room :

Triple Room

All rooms will be provided with Television with built in freeview channels. Supports up to more than 80 channels free to watch.

Double Room:

Double Room

Provides room service, includes choice of food and beverages, hoovering the room, cleaning, etc

Twin Room:

Twin Room

Tea and Coffee maker will be provided each room with your comfort. Additional flavours are avilable.


Local View

Capturing the amazing view of Holland Park and the transports nearby to the Notinghill B&B Hotel.

Owner's Invitation

Greeting the customers to the Notinghill B&B Hotel. Staffs will be avilable at the premises throughout.

Manager's Invitation

Gives an overview of what to expect at Nottinghill B&B Hotel.

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