Why choose London ?

There are many reasons why you would come to London - it has a diverse list of attractions, event and history to suit everyones taste. Below you will find a few reasons why you should visit the Captial of England and on the right hand side of this page you will find a wide variety of links to different features.

Getting Here
London is a very reachable city. Travel connections throughout the world are extensive and include five international airports, express train system, underground, bus, coach, taxi and motorway network.

International City
As a exciting, multi-cultural city, London welcomes the diverse cultures of its population. This can be seen in many areas of the city including the food, markets, street entertainers or the music.

Night Life
With the finest social scene including the late-night bars, clubs and the traditional English pub there is a wide variety of night entertainment awaiting you.

Historical and cultural London
Home to Britain's national collections, royalty and major attractions everyone should take the time to explore London at its best.

Shop 'til you drop
London is a Shop-a-holics heaven. What ever your taste London's numerous shops has it covered.

Even though London is the Capital there are still plenty of places for you to relax and enjoy the out door world of London. Over 30% of it city is green open space, boasting more parks than any other city of its size in the world.

Tourism in London

London Eye:

London Eye

Underground Tube :

Underground Tube

Streets of London:

Streets of London

Westminister Abbey:

Westminister Abbey

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